Q : How much do you charge for a callout ? 

A : R350 callout fee . Parts used are charged for in addition to that .


Q: When should I replace my gate motor ?

A: We can keep on repairing a gate motor indefinitely . Depending on the quality of motor and type of installation, it can last 10-15

    years and up. When it will cost a large amount to repair or if the motor is in bad condition we will recommend a new one as an

    option, but the final decision is yours.


Q: How soon will you be able to do a repair ?

A: On average , we will repair the same day or latest the next day depending on our workload.


Q: Why should we use Butler Automation instead of the other companies ?

A: In short , it will be cheaper in the long run. Most companies do not have the technical ability to fault find and can only install.

    So when a simple repair is required , they usually replace the motor prematurely as they do not have the expertise to repair it.

    This wastes the customers money. Many companies shy away from repairs as it can be very difficult to pinpoint intermittant

    issues. We on the other hand can pinpoint most faults very quickly.